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Financial Advisors


Outsource to a 401(k) plan advisor to help craft and manage your client’s plan so you can focus on running your business.  

Additional support for your fiduciary responsibilities

Using an independent, third-party fiduciary for investment-related obligations can give you an additional layer of liability protection.

Purkat provides an easy way for advisors to outsource the evaluation, design, and management of their client’s 401(k) plan while keeping the client relationship in-house. Purkat Financial partners with you to offer your client a premier 401(k) plan package. 

Key Benefits for Financial Professionals

COMPARE Plan Options – We provide options so you can compare your client’s current plan against a new suggested portfolio to fit your their needs. Purkat helps by handling the evaluation and managing vendors, investment options, and liability issues.

REDUCE Liability – Employers have a specific obligation to consider the fees and expenses paid by their 401(k) plan and this has become an area the DOL has increased focus on. Purkat can help you meet these responsibilities by providing additional support for plan and vendor evaluations and monitoring.

EXPEDITE Fund Evaluations – Purkat can help you by reviewing funds being considered for adding or removing from a portfolio with all the data points needed to fulfill due diligence. Purkat can alert you of changes in your client’s plan funds ranking so you can proactively change your plan’s lineup.

OFFER DIVERSE OPTIONS – Use Purkat’s services to help confirm your client’s plan includes a prudently diversified multi-asset class model.

Purkat Financial:

Financial Advisor Packages

The Map & Compass

This program is for one-time projects - flat fee or hourly based - at the employer level and is typically for businesses that have one or more of the following criteria:

  • Re-evaluating their overall benefit plan offerings and don't know where to start
  • Current 401(k) provider either:
    • includes their own proprietary investment options
    • directly connected to an insurance-based company
    • is primarily a payroll provider
  • New to the idea of working with a fiduciary advisor
  • 501(c)3 non-profit
  • Recent or impending corporate transitions:
    • Merger/Acquisition
    • Turnover within C-Suite or HR leadership


This program is for on-going, continuous advice at both the participant & employer level and typically for businesses that have one or more of the following criteria:

  • Less than 150 employees
  • Currently have an existing retirement plan in place
  • Desire to have or maintain a strong benefits package that reflects company values
  • Offer or plans to offer, an HSA health care option for employees