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Purkat Financial is a Registered Investment Advisor focused on helping business owners, plan sponsors, financial advisors, and plan participants navigate 401k options.

Purkat Financial: 

  • HELPS businesses offer a premier 401(k) solution for employees
  • ALLEVIATES time-consuming plan administration tasks
  • CLARIFIES 401(k) plan options and best practices
  • IMPROVES retirement plan options 
  • EDUCATES employees on how to maximize their benefit
  • VALUES the well-being of all our clients



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    401(k) Plans Get a Bump in 2018

    After three years of no increases to annual contribution limits, the IRS announced today that for 2018, the limit will increase by $500 for 401(k), 403(b), and 457 Plans.Typically announced in mid-October, the predictions were pretty much right on.Not every type of retirement plan received an increase to their contribution limit - for the fourth year in a row, SIMPLE IRAs will only be allowed to set aside up to $12,500 which is $6000 to $9000 less than those with 401(k) accounts (and if they wer...  Read More

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    10 Features Every 401(k) Needs...Today

    Don't let your 401(k) plan go stale - use this guide to see where you can add value to your company's plan and make it easier for your employees to save for retirement.1. Employee contribution limit maxed out to 100%The IRS allows an employee the lesser of 100% of his/her compensation or $18,000* to be contributed to their 401(k) account. In some instances, 401(k) plans may have been adopted (i.e. started or created) by an employer that limited the parameters of the plan for one r...  Read More

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    Cutting the Cord: A Fiduciary Standard Analogy

    For the last couple years, the DOL Fiduciary Rule has been talked about ad nauseam - unfortunately that still doesn't mean it's fully understood by consumers or professionals in the industry for that matter. The fact that a majority of financial service industry firms, associations, and even Chamber of Commerce groups have challenged & oppose the ruling haven't helped the situation.That being said, a few months before the rule went "live," a fellow financial planner, Meg Bartelt, s...  Read More

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